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Alfatero’s business is consulting. Our expertise is founded on more than 30 years of experience in electronic product development, systems engineering, large-scale program leadership, marketing, and research and development. With a deep scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical background, we are able to provide systems engineering and integration, business process management and risk management services to meet the needs of your key initiatives in intelligent transportation systems, electronic tolling, logistics and energy.

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Alfatero's Services:

Systems Engineering & Integration

Business Process Management


Solve the challenges of complex problems and large-scale projects with our principled systems engineering methodology. Minimize life-cycle costs, extend useful life of infrastructure and equipment, and ensure high operational readiness.

Drive your technology transformation in concert with your business transformation. Implement a process-driven strategy that will allow you to reach business targets faster and respond quickly to future requirements.

Make decisions with confidence. Apply our ISO standard-based disciplined approach to identify, assess, control and monitor risks at all levels of your organization. Develop a robust approach to your organization’s risk appetite and risk tolerance.

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Alfatero's Market Areas:




Improve the efficiency and safety of your transportation system. Use ITS solutions to intelligently increase capacity without adding infrastructure. Select the best, future-proof electronic tolling solution that meets your needs.
Find out if all-electronic tolling is right for your toll agency. Protect your investment with sound maintenance strategies.

Implement adaptive operational management strategies to respond to the dynamics of demand fluctuations and competitors’ activities. Drive improvements in efficiency, agility and bottom line with technology and the power of information in logistics and supply chain data.

Assess economic and technical feasibility. Select the best energy technology that meets your needs. Evaluate costs and benefits of commercial, residential and industrial energy projects. Maximize renewable energy technology investments with model-based decision support.

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